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Paul Cruz

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Welcome to 8th Grade
English Language Arts & Social Studies


  • Mutual Respect
  • Attentive Listening
  • Appreciations/No Put Downs


Ask Questions
Engage Fully
Integrate New Information
Open you Mind to Diverse Views
Utilize What You Learn


What is it?
  • The 8th grade exit project is a culmination of your years at Watsonville Charter School of the Arts. You must present & write, on a topic of your choice, using an art/literature ‘genre’ (a particular type or category of literature or art, i.e. dance, visual/dramatic/performance art, poetry/fiction, a monologue, short film/documentary, etc…) that has inspired you through the years. Choose a topic that you are interested about and you have a strong passion for.
What’s Included?
  • There are 4 components to the 8th Grade Exit Project
  • Written/Spoken or Video about:  
  • your experience at WCSA
  • Why you chose the specific genre & what inspired you to choose this genre?
  • Who’s helped you with this project/which mentor did you choose and why?
  • Discuss the span of how art has lead you through WCSA and where you are going to take it into the future
  • A 2 page essay including your experience, your genre, your inspirations, your mentors, and your future aspirations.
  • A presentation of your ‘Masterpiece.’ You will either perform your ‘art’ piece, or display/show your art with commentary about your choice, i.e. what it is, why you chose it, what does it represent, how does it represent you, etc…
  • A transcript of your interview (Q & A) with your WCSA mentor.
  • Exit Project Website. The website should include: 
  • an introduction page (include why you chose your art genre) 
  • pages for artists that influenced you for your art genre (bio, examples of their work, why you chose them, 5 total artists) 
  • a page each for your art work from 6th, 7th & 8th grade (1 piece from 6th, 6 pieces from 7th and 6 pieces from 8th; speak with teacher for clarification for certain projects) with an explanation of each piece
Tips for the project.
  • have a clear and achievable goal
  • allow you to express a truly personal message
  • be the result of your initiative, creativity, and ability to organize and plan
  • reflect your special interests, hobbies, special abilities, or concerns about particular issues
  • deal with a topic or area to which you are committed
  • be entirely your own work—authenticity is very important and you will be required to sign a document stating that the project is your own work
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